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Our work with the  UK’s leading organ makers has taken us around the world.  Penny’s Mill organ cases have been installed over 5 continents. The cases range from the ornate  to the modern and from small self contained organs to large cases in cathedrals. The images below are just a sample of the 100 or so cases we have built over the years and are now installed as far afield as the USA, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.

A World of Organ Cases


The Guards' Chapel, London

Few people probably give much passing thought to the organs that grace many churches, cathedrals and concert halls, but most will have heard organ music at some time or another.  In the UK there is a strong tradition of organ building, not just for the UK market.  According to Stephen Bicknell in his book, The History of the English Organ,  “by the end of the tenth century there appear a number of unequivocal and  important accounts of organs in English Benedictine abbeys”.  For many years the English organ was perceived as the poorer relation to the great organ builders in mainland Europe. 

 In late 1800’s the English organ started to gain greater acceptance  around the world that led to more success for English organ builders in the 19th and 20th century.   Today English organ builders export all over the world.   Penny’s Mill’s relationship with the English organ is much more recent, but nonetheless significant.  Since our first organ commission in 1988 we have made over 100 cases three quarters of which have gone overseas.

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